artist's statement

My latest work entitled ‘Anatomia’ was created in response to recent personal experiences and world events, which made me aware of our ‘illusion of immortality’. In spite of the hype of cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing paraphernalia, a number of unexpected bereavements gave me, although still relatively young, a growing sense of ageing and finality. The use of leather seemed an appropriately challenging choice to express these feelings of loss and vulnerability. This natural material, once alive and breathing, is revitalized in new forms and shapes, to exploit its own strengths and weaknesses, its pliability and durability, its endured scars and varied colour tones.

Research into human anatomy and the protective nature of armour resulted in a series of works which celebrate the unique quality of the hide in its tanned state and the beauty of reworking the skin into new sculptural forms – a ‘renaissance of leather’.

The only additional material incorporated into the sculpted leather is steel, which remains as a cold, hard, lifeless substance and therefore enhances the inner warmth of the hide. This steel, in the form of rivets and hanging structures, creates a stark juxtaposition of materials, which however separate, still impact on each other in the form of rusting and discolouration.

‘Anatomia’ is the beginning of a process of coming to terms with ageing and the mortality of each and everyone of us. I hope it challenges the viewer’s notion of human existence without losing a sense of the joy of living.